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Please, never be ashamed to speak aloud in a newly learned language. So many students tell me they feel embarrassed when they try to speak English. Why? No matter how low your level, remember that you are Spanish and this is your country. It is our duty as foreigners, while living here, to learn to speak in your language: Spanish. Not the other way around. Even if you can say a only few words in English, it is really admirable. How many English, Irish and American people can speak Spanish? Shamfully, very few. Practising makes perfect. So please, do not be afraid to use what you already know.


Read, listen, repeat and your level will grow without effort.


The fastest, most fun way to learn is by reading something very interesting. First, read a few lines in Spanish, then read it aloud in English. Listen to a native English reader read the story aloud, little by little. You can learn from the lists of vocabulary before you begin reading to dramatically rise your knowledge of English and understand the story faster. I've put a lot of time, knowledge and effort into all my books: so has my very good editor, Paloma Planelles, to help students learn English in the easiest way possible. Please, if you think I can do better, or if you have any good ideas for me concerning my handbooks, I'd love to hear from you.





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A special thank you to a unique friend: Paloma Planelles Baeza

Collaborator, translator, artistic designer: info@agenciacocolate.com


– For outstanding dedication to her clients & professionalism in her work –

In these hectic, troublesome times, when we spend more than forty percent of our day on mobile phones, laptops & computers, it is truly a blessing to have a colleague & friend who is not only professionally affluent in social media blogging, website designing, book editing, translating and cover creating, but also manages to exude a calmness while those around her are panicking. This sheer professionalism puts her in high esteem among her clients and colleagues. Her skills are truly appreciated and she deserves all the recognition she deserves.

We enjoy your magic, Paloma