Kinky bastards (by Josephine Star)

There was nothing more terrifying or disgusting to Fiona Palmer than finding herself pregnant, and to make matters worse, she was carrying a girl.

Angry and in a fit of temper Fiona performs a self-induced abortion, she discovers some months later that her attempt to destroy the daughter within her womb failed and has no option but to give birth. So, against all odds, she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.

The little girl spends her early childhood being hated by her insanely jealous mother. Fiona is acutely aware that her husband´s only reason to visit the family household is to see his precious daughter. Sandra adores her father and lives for his spontaneous visits. She is diligent in all her school studies and blossoms into a beautiful serene teenager. Fiona becomes even more envious and enrols Sandra in extra curriculum activities in order to keep her out of sight and away from her own secret lovers. One eventful night, when Sandra is sitting alone and feeling particularly lonely, her errant father arrives home. Sandra leaps into his arms. They talk, laugh and dine together and she pours her heart out; begging him to take her with him, away from Fiona. During the night Sandra is shocked to find she’s being pulled out of bed, beaten, dragged by the hair and thrown onto the floor by her screaming mother. Sandra is dazed, with no recollection of how she´d come to be in bed with her own father. She´s packed off to a convent where she meets a young novice named Beth. They share a hot and steamy lesbian relationship. Sandra realizes that Beth has awakened a ferocious yearning; a furnace of hot sexual desire that she can´t, nor wants to control. Beth´s life story is shocking but soon her sobs turn to squeals of ecstasy as she willing succumbs to Sandra´s charms. In the hospice; Sandra helps a dying old man rise to the occasion as she gives him his final bed-bath. In the next ward, a young anorexic nymphomaniac half strangles a priest with her legs as he administers the last rights.

At night, she sneaks out of the convent and discovers the wonderful world of debauchery and orgies. She meets and falls in love with Jonny who introduces her to his box of sex-toys and their many tantalizing uses.

Shocking, poignant, hilariously funny and above all reeking of sheer human lust. Adults only.

© 2017 by Tony Byrne. Proudly Created with


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Collaborator, translator, artistic designer: Paloma Planelles Baeza