Greedy bastards (by Josephine Star)

Young teenager Lia is shocked to the core when her conniving stepfather, without warning, throws her out onto the streets of Dublin. Terrified, she begs her younger brother Charlie to come with her.

They soon fall into the clutches of dangerous men, finding themselves among prostitutes, pimps and scoundrels. Charlie attacks a punter, saving his sister from rape while putting himself in dire jeopardy.


They plunge deeper into the seedy world of vice and its sordid implications until they are arrested and spend 18 months in correction homes. When released they find employment in a luxurious mansion where they win the hearts of the family. The owner, an aristocratic old gentleman, makes Lia his protégé and business partner. 


When Chad suddenly dies, leaving Lia a large percent of his estate, an explosive row breaks out as his greedy grasping sons accuse Lia of corruption and thievery. 

Their life on the run becomes unbearable. Charlie tries to sacrifice his worthless life to save his sister from poverty.

Gripping and terrifying events lead to a very surprising ending.

© 2017 by Tony Byrne. Proudly Created with


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Collaborator, translator, artistic designer: Paloma Planelles Baeza