Read, listen and repeat using real life situations


Lesson 1.

Let's talk

Learn to ask and answer questions in all forms such as how, where, when, is and what. Read, listen and repeat.

Lesson 2.

Easy phrases read slowly

Learn about everyday chat. Let's talk

about the weather, where to visit, etc. All phrases are read slowly for easy learning.

Lesson 3.

Money talk

A visit to the bank. Vocabulary to enquire about all aspects of banking: 

opening an account, changing currency or checking your balance.

Lesson 4.

Modal verbs,

silent letters

Should, could, would, can, must. Which are ability, suggestion and imperative? Plus, listen to my audio and then repeat each sentence after me. 

Learn easy ways to pronounce words with silent letters.

Lesson 5.

Learning body parts through relaxation

Learn the names of over 50 body parts through deeply relaxing music while you rest of even fall asleep. Full Spanish translation for each word is at end of text page.

Lesson 6.

Grammar and

silent letters

Here you'll find a simple, easy to remember explanation of how the English grammar is structured, plus some more examples of silent letters.

Lesson 7.


I've put the prepositions in alphabetical order. There are a few starting with A: Above, About, Around, At, Along. Above, etc. The B: Below, Behind By, Beside, Beneath... Don't forget to read them aloud to help with pronunciation.