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Nightmare in Carlow

On learning that his dying father is not his paternal parent, Brad Tyler flies into a rage and breaks his mother’s heart as he accuses her of being a whore, a liar and a cheat. 


He leaves his Chelsea home and enrolls in Trinity College Dublin where he meets and falls in love with fellow student Tara Cunningham, a beautiful but reclusive young model. Unknown to Brad, Tara has a secret and troubled history.

After a brief courtship they marry, and set up home in an old cottage in the south of Ireland. He’s shocked when he learns that Tara holds a strong and abnormal passion for another woman, a woman who seemingly doesn’t exist. Tara’s strange and dangerous behavior wrecks havoc in their home and Brad spends a small fortune enlisting the help of psychiatrists and psychologists in vain attempts to cure his wife. When Tara becomes pregnant she doesn’t tell Brad and when he eventually finds out, he not only fears for his own life, but also for that of his unborn child.

One winter’s night, during one of the worst snowfalls in Irish history, Brad comes home from work to find Tara writhing in agony while giving birth. Shocked and at his wits end, he manages to deliver his baby daughter but fails to save his wife. As she lies dying she reaches towards her husband but her whispered words of love are not for him but for someone standing, waiting, behind Brad. 
The tragic and frightening events of that night cause Brad to lose his sanity. Days later he is found huddled behind his wardrobe; soaked in his own urine and excrement. His eyes stare vacantly at the bed where his newborn daughter is still suckling from the breast of her dead mother.
He spends six months in a mental asylum and from there he’s sent to a nursing home where he meets Sister Maria; a beautiful young nun who drags him; kicking and screaming from the depths of hell.


Soon Maria faces her own demons and it’s not be her God whom she begs for mercy but the cruel and perverted convent gardener Ted as he keeps her captive as his plaything, spread-angled on his filthy makeshift bed.