Scary English (don't be scared!)

Here´s a super trick.

Only use one special word to explain everything. Crazy? No. The magic word is


Get up at eight am Rise up Levantarse

Get dressed Put on Vestirse

Get a shower Have a Ducharse

Get the kids up Call children Llamar a los niños

Get the breakfast Prepare Preparar el desayuno

Get my coat Collect Coger el abrigo

Get into the car Enter Entrar en el coche

Get the kids to school Deliver Llevar a los niños al colegio

Get to Alicante Arrive at Llegar a

Get into my office Go into Ir a

Get down to work Begin work Ponerse a trabajar

Get a break Take a rest Descansar

Get finished Finalize Finalizar

Get home Drive home Llegar a casa

Get dinner Cook Hacer la cena

Get the light out Switch off Apagar las luces

Get to bed Retire Acostarse

Get to sleep Fall asleep Dormirse

Kids! Quick, get up it´s 8 am!

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