A different summer (written by a student of English)

Anne's favourite season came at last, the summer. This year she was fifteen years old, she is a teenager and she can go out with her friends. Anne was very excited for that moment to come. She dreamed of going with her friends to the beach, enjoying the waves and the baths, walking in the afternoon through the town port and going to the town parties. That year she met Sophie, a girl who was visiting her town, they are very good friends and had great plans prepared for the summer. But a global pandemic came and changed everything. The streets were empty and people could only go out to work and buy food. Town festivals, trips and all the plans they had prepared, were suspended, Everyone´s plans were left, as in a dream.

This would have been a different summer for Anne, but she will always have her family to enjoy great moments.

From Noreen: Well done Aitana. Beautifully written and well presented

Aitana Martín.

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