Three Shocking Stories

Book 1. Scoundrel:


An unforgettable tale of suspense, revenge and murder. Featuring a host of strong colourful characters whose lives are woven around one dastardly vile man. Susan Palmer was not only gullible but completely clueless regarding the atrocities her new lover had committed. The petite eighteen year old with the long chestnut brown hair, high perky breasts and angelic face was besotted and couldn’t believe she’d snagged such a gorgeous hunk of man-pie.Ronny Beltram swaggered through life, lying, cheating, brutalising the weak and causing havoc in the lives of anyone who was unfortunate enough to give him the time of day. Finding himself broke and homeless, he couldn't afford to visit his usual haunts. His taste in sexual pleasure was far too risky, too edgy, to pick up any old run of the mill hooker. He’d learnt that years ago, after his first wife was accosted on her doorstep by a bruised and weeping young prostitute demanding money.

Book 2. Shameless:


Sandra realizes that Beth has awakened a ferocious yearning; a furnace of hot sexual desire that she can't, nor wants to control. Beth's life story is shocking but soon her sobs turn to squeals of ecstasy as she willing succumbs to Sandra's charms. In the hospice; Sandra helps a dying old man rise to the occasion as she gives him his final bed-bath. In the next ward, a young anorexic nymphomaniac half strangles a priest with her legs as he administers the last rights. At night, she sneaks out of the convent and discovers the wonderful world of debauchery and orgies. She meets and falls in love with Jonny who introduces her to his box of sex-toys and their many tantalizing uses. *Shocking, poignant, hilariously funny and above all reeking of sheer human lust. Her loneliness and despair became so overwhelming that eventually she pulled off her heavy veil and began tearing at her hair with both hands. “I’m so fucking lonely,” she cried out. She looked such a pitiful sight as she sat rocking on the edge of her hard bed with her arms wrapped tightly around her thin body.

Book 3. Sins & Secrets:


A daring car chase, a shocking confession from a jealous housemaid and a love that promised to defy all the odds takes the reader through a roller-coaster ride of unbelievably greed, heartbreak and vengeance. From a young age, Lia and Charlie were forced into a life of crime by their cruel stepfather. When he throws them out of their home they find themselves trapped in a life of vice and corruption. Charlie saves his sister from rape and the price he pays affects the rest of his life. After a spell in prison they are employed in the home of a rich and powerful man. They live a life they´d only dreamed of until their benifactor, Chad, dies. Lia and Charlie are accused of various robberies by Chad´s two conniving sons. Fred threatens to have them thrown back in prison and once again they are homeless. With the help of a friend, Charlie sets up a daring bank raid but comes face to face with a demon from his past. To save his sister from poverty he offers his own useless life.